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38 special ammo created by Smith & Wesson. It is mostly used in revolvers, but you can also use it in semi-automatic handguns. The US police commonly used it in the 1920s to 1990s and by the US military forces. They used it as a sidearm cartridge during many wars. This special cartridge is famous for the metric designation of 929.5mmR in some places in the world.

It is still a popular cartridge for revolvers due to its controlled recoil and super accuracy. The 38 special ammo is ideal for formal target competition, personal defense, target shooting, and hunting. It is the 148-gr bullet is propelled to 690 ft/s. You can use these cartridges in semi-automatic handguns. We have a variety of .38 S&W from different manufacturers at our store.

Top Selling Products

Remington 38 special ammo is famous for its quality and performance. It is reliable and one of the top ammo of high-qual Special Ammo For Saleity. Remington is highly dedicated to provide us with the best cartridges made of fine quality material.

Fiocchi 38 special ammo is the best quality available in the market. It has amazing speed, performance, and quality. Fiocchi is reliable manufacturers that take no risk when it comes to the quality of ammunition.

Winchester 38 special ammunition is our top product, manufactured in the highest quality by the Winchester. These manufacturers always provided the most budget-friendly prices.

Our mission is to provide the finest cartridges and ammunition to our customers directly from the leading ammunition companies available on our shelves. Flash Ammunition sells the best 38 special ammo for sale at the most budget-friendly prices. You can purchase from a wide variety of any type or caliber of ammo. Get our free shipping services, and you also place bulk orders without any hassle. Place your order. Purchase now!

Flash Ammunition Shop is a well-known, cost-effective ammunition selling store. We never let you down when selecting the manufacturers we deal with and the ammunition and products we sell our clients. We have a variety of different ammo for every caliber and range. Our fastest delivery services will make it easier for you to receive the ammo you want at your doorstep.

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