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The 45 ACP Ammo handgun cartridge is the easiest and most cost pistol cartridge manufactured. John Moses developed 45 ACP ammunition, which was widely used by the police forces. It’s the best and also most efficient choice for residential security and self-defense. Each round of ammunition is suitable for a certain caliber. 45 ACP ammunition is the ideal caliber for shooters in different ranges.
Its muzzle velocity is round a1,359 feet per second. There is more recoil and a less penetrating body. 45 ACP Ammo For Sale

The 45 ACP ammunition is slightly thicker than its competitors, but it still is pretty affordable. It fulfills the purpose of a point-and-shoot. 45 ACP ammo has been the best because it is one of the very few cartridges which covers a broad range of firearms and is very adaptable.

There are three major 

Full metal jacket (FMJ)
Jacketed hollow point (JHP)
Advanced energy transfer (AET)

Top Selling Products:

The most selling 45 ACP ammunition is by leading manufactures including Federal, Remington, and PMC Ammo. We have plenty of stocks of 45 ACP ammunition directly manufactured by these top manufacturers on our shelves.

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