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The 223 ammo is a bottle-necked and rimless rifle cartridge that Remington Arms developed for high-velocity and small-caliber in 1957. The SAAMI was originally designed and used in a vast range of manual action and semi-automatic handguns and rifles. It is one of the most popular cartridges that is widely used. This cartridge was created by Remington Arm, Fairchild Industries, and many professional engineers for the Continental Army Command (CONARC). 223 ammo for sale

Moreover, Winchester was also requested to join in this project. 223 ammo was slightly changed into a new cartridge. However, it still performs excellently. These changed were made according to the demands of NATO. Its muzzle velocity is slightly low, but its performance in long-range is super. It is one of the top cartridges that you can use for long-range targets. You can buy high-quality 223 Rem manufactured by leading ammunition manufacturing companies.

Top Selling Products

MaxxTech Steel 223 Remington is our top-selling product. MaxxTech, in the highest quality material, manufactures it. It has a full metal jacket case and has a case weight of around 27.00 LBS. Its bullet weight is 56 and has excellent performance for long-range firearms.
Lake Martin 223 Remington has a full metal jacket case and bullet weight of around 55 Gr. It is one of our top-selling products and high in demand.
Remington 223 Remington is the highest quality cartridge available at our store. It has a bullet weight of around 50 Gr, and its bullet type is the hollow point. Its case type is Brasscombine.

Why Us?

Our focus is to provide you with the highest-quality ammunition directly from top companies at the fairest prices. We don’t take any workarounds when it comes to the quality and usability of our products. We have 223 ammo for sale in stock, and you can purchase cartridges in any category at Flash Ammunition Shop, which also offers free shipping. You can also order in bulk. Buy Right Now!

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