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The 224 valkyrie ammo is a bottle-necked and rimless intermediate cartridge for rifles. Federal Ammo was originally developed as a compatible cartridge for modern sporting rifles. The .224 Valkyrie has a necked-down huge case that allows high muzzle velocity and heavier bullets. We have 224 valkyrie ammo for sale in bulk online.

However, When Federal developed this 224 valkyrie ammo, it fulfilled a small platform in modern sporting rifles for the long ranges. The .224 Valkyrie performs excellently, and its quality speaks for itself. Federal took a 6.8 SPC case and necked it down to make use of a .244 diameter projectile. This cartridge has a long-range of around 1,000 yards; its velocity depends on the manufacturing. You can buy this cartridge from different ammunition manufacturers.

Top Selling Products

Berger Gold Medal .224 Valkyrie is the boat-tailed target bullet and its a velocity of 2,925 ft/s. It is best for hunting purposes.
Federal Gold Medal Sierra Match King .224 Valkyrie is manufactured by Federal. It has high ballistic efficiency and great performance.
Federal Fusion MSR .224 Valkyrie has a muzzle velocity of around 2,700 ft/s and is highly suitable for hunting animals like whitetail deer, feral hogs, black-tail deer, and pronghorn, etc.
Federal Varmint and Predator .224 Valkyrie has a velocity of 3,300 ft/s and is preferably suitable for predators and varmints like coyotes.

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